SGS 2019: Next Year’s Venue and Dates Announced

Get the information regarding the date and place of the 2nd Annual Scandinavian Gaming Show in the announcement of Yudi Soetjiptadi, Eventus International.
The 1st such event was very successful it gathers most stakeholders and partners of all branches of the staking business and brought them together for other principal gambling-focused conferences by Eventus Internationals.

The agenda of the conference was aimed to raise the paramount questions concerning gambling upcoming regulations in Nordic area:

  • what they encompass;
  • how the government structures and authorities can collaborate to efficiently adjust and control the market;
  • what measures will be taken to guarantee safety of the players funds, fairness and responsible wagering;
  • how new companies can succeed in the terms of these developments in the North region.

Besides the mentioned questions, there were topics addressed to basic principles of running and operating gaming business, especially the spheres of web sports betting and casinos. After 9 month, new regulations of betting platforms in Sweden pushed forward the challenges in Marketing, Technology, and Management sectors, so that potential innovations could be implemented before the conference comes.

Scandinavian Gaming Show 2019: Date, Place and Purpose

The orginizer’s press release below reports the date, place and purpose of the coming event:

“Eventus International is excited to announce that the second annual Scandinavian Gaming Show will be held at Hilton Stockholm Slussen from 5-6 September 2019. Now well established in the region, next year’s Scandinavian Gaming Show seeks to build on the success of last years show by offering more topics to discuss and more opportunities for industry professionals to network.” – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director, Eventus International.

the 2nd Annual Scandinavian Gaming Show 2019

The company has already made first steps in preparing for the event, in particular, they search for sponsors, main speakers, and tech exhibitors. They promise to comes up with a full agenda in April 2019.

“Our team is invigorated by increasing our productivity, that’s why although we have a lot of events planned for next year, we can always deliver powerful agenda’s with industry leading speakers and market relevant topics” – Jordan Crossley, Conference Producer, Eventus International

There is a discount of 10% for everyone who registers online right now. Go to the official Eventus International portal or write e-mail to its marketing director, Lou-Mari Burnett.

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What’s This Summit About:

It is time to collaborate with partners from Sweden and other Nordic markets. The igaming industry in Sweden had been reshaped drastically in 2018 when the parliamentarians voted for amendments in wagering regulations that should be implemented next 2019 year, in January. According to such amendments, there will be the possibilities that will make Stockholm and Swedish region the biggest gaming trendy spot in the world.

To discuss these new significant chances, Eventus International arranges the Show in 2019 and defines its goals, mainly focused on the responsible gambling issues with a safe, fair, and regulative business-environment in the process of involvement of new technologies into the iGaming business that have a perspective to change the market.

It’s a new age of on-line casinos and betting portals which implement various technologies like AR and Virtual Reality games, AI, betting in eSports, and many more. From one hand, such innovations are the great breakthrough in iGaming industry that gives many opportunities for developers but in the same time they create a notable danger so Eventus International searches for the ways that will teach delegates to prosper in this 4th Industrial Revolution by giving them knowledge and practical skills.

First of all, software developers will attend this show. Besides among participants there expected representatives of the overseas casinos and affiliates, experts of fraud and AML, iGaming lawyers, gambling regulators, compliance officers, governmental officials and sector’s innovators. The Scandinavian Gaming Show welcomes you to be a part of this great event!


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