Katie Isaacson

Now you already know that I'm Katie and I'm a blogger of flightfree.ca. But it's almost all you've heard about me… So, it's time to become a little bit closer to each other. Sit comfortable and listen to my life story πŸ˜‰

On far May 18, 1985, one average-sized family of Kiel, Germany, became bigger by one little girl. She was named Katie. And that's how the story began. This girl grow fast and was pretty ambitious. That made her parents work hard to be able to give her a good education and a chance for bright future.

Being a logician and a nurse, my parents did their best to ensure my careless life. And that is how I entered The University of Kiel Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. To tell the truth, I didn't know for sure what I wanted to become. And the turning point was at psychology lesson and the item about gambling addiction.

I was so excited that learned everything about gambling. How surprised I was finding out that most players did not treat it as a money making mean. They just had fun and relaxed. I recognized that there were several platforms, numerous casinos, associations assuring safety and other items that the visitors should have noticed when looking for online gambling houses.

Being armed with such knowledge I knew that there was something I would like to share with others. My friends started asking me for tips about the games or software. What is the best? How to choose? And so on. And one day they just said, 'Why you still haven't opened a blog with such info?' And I made a wonder. Really, why?

Yeah, that was a start of a big project, as you know it is flightfree.ca. It's so cool to combine your hobby, passion, interest and work. It's where I feel alive. Here I can share my emotions with other people and get feedback. It's great when you feel needed and useful. Especially, when you see the brainchild.

Now I have a team that helps me make the blog better, more beautiful, user-friendly and helpful. I write about my impressions and try to show both pros and cons of the casinos and games. I hope that it's only the start and there are lots of new projects waiting for me in the future. Moreover, I'm full of new ideas to bring to life for this blog, and some others πŸ˜‰