Visit Prague Gaming in March at Vienna House Andel’s Prague

The 12th of March 2019 is a special date for game developers and players alike. Gaming Summit makes its way to Prague, the Czech Republic!

The concept of the upcoming event is to create a favorable atmosphere for mental co-working between all the gaming community members. The renowned experts and innovators will help attendees to learn the basics of the gambling industry, see the hidden challenges it faces, and understand the newest trends.

At inception, Prague Gaming Summit was a niche gambling event for local professionals mainly. Since then, it has evolved into a large platform, where both local and international experts meet to share their experience.

Previous summits took the community by storm and received much positive feedback. The 3rd edition scheduled for March 2019 is expected to become quite a hit as well. It will offer you a chance to communicate with like-minded enthusiasts, share insights, and enjoy helpful industry-specific content. For the third year in a row, hundreds of delegates are able to make use of numerous opportunities for learning the special aspects of the gaming industry and gain practical knowledge.

In 2019, the attendees will be able to get many insightful ideas on gambling regulation, compliance and innovation during panel discussions. The event aims to reach two goals: look into challenges hindering industry development and outline possible solutions.

Prague Gaming Summit 2019

Prague Gaming Summit in the eyes of its visitors

The community appreciation is the key indicator of the event’s success. So, what do the attendees of the previous summits say?

Michal Shinitzky said that she was glad to take part in the conference as it was very insightful. Michal also admitted that the program was introduced without any delays, so she didn’t need to worry about timeframes.

Juan Martin claimed that visiting the 2018 edition was beneficial for him. From his point of view, the program was dynamic, clear, and therefore worthwhile.

Dr. Joerg Hofmann noted that he liked the atmosphere the most. For him, the personal approach is a sign that this event is worth attending.

Still hesitating? You shouldn’t. Visit the official website and register for the major gaming event of 2019.

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