Microgaming and Rabcat: Deal of the Century

Only the lazy ones haven’t heard as well as discussed the news about the exclusive supplier deal singed by Microgaming and Rabcat. Here, there and everywhere you can find the articles devoted to the event. So that, we decided to take a closer look at the point and investigate the issue to unmask all intentions.


Rabcat – What Is That?

Every gambler knows about the gambling leader Microgaming. Herewith, we would like to tell you more about Rabcat. Because this name is BIG, but not so well-known among the gamblers.

This company is a part of win2day, a highly popular multichannel gaming platform run jointly by Austrian Lotteries and Casinos Austria AG. As we found reading various articles on the net as well as visiting on the site of Rabcat, the group has strong reputation and it is pretty famous, but…

There is one weird thing to notice. You won’t find any information about the group in Wikipedia or any other trusted info-portals. Why so? Is it modesty or secrecy? Or it’s a marketing trick to make you go straight on their site? Howbeit, it’s pretty massive figure in the gaming industry. And it has eyes for gambling.

Why Gambling? Why Microgaming?

Rabcat works with such famous companies as Rockstar, Crytek, Atari, Disney and others and produces games for Xbox, PS3, etc. The gambling is not a main direction of the group. So, the question arises… Why Rabcat has started to push this course? Why now? Have we missed something out?

microgaming Catle Builder Slot

The company has already worked with some gambling groups like William Hill and Bet365 as well as some NetEnt portals. But it didn’t splash the gambling industry with such a power like the news about the long term deal singed with Microgaming. And that’s though Playtech is successful group too…

Expectations and First Fruits of Labour

Thus, it is hard to escape a conclusion that some big changes are coming. We should expect some extraordinary and innovative applies that will make the competition among the gambling companies even more tough.

Today you have an opportunity to estimate first fruits of the collaboration of these gaming giants. For now, there are only 2 video slots released recently. Plus 2 more works are coming soon. So, it remains to be seen only 😉

For now, our experts have already tried and overviewed Castle Builder and Forsaken Kingdom slots. Feel free to read the reviews to take a look to be aware of innovations integrated into slot machine industry.

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