October 30-31, 2017 has been marked by the successful conference on the subject of crypto products appearance and related questions as a consequence. There was one more event to attend. I made certain of its benefit. If you just give me a fair shot, this article will help you understand what changes may occur soon in the gambling. My aim is to give you an in-depth view of the event in the way the ordinary gamblers, maybe, newbies, quickly adjust to upcoming changeover.

You’ll find helpful information on meeting location, timing, organization process, goals, etc. This conference was a key to bitcoin business knowledge. There were 700+ participants and you could study this subject from every side: cryptocurrency developers showed off their products, affiliates, including Faunus, together with advertisers got you acquainted with marketing strategies. The more is coming with networks, the best brokers by ForexTraders, major gambling companies, ICO founding parties will share their attitude towards the forthcoming blockchain world.

About CRAC Organizer

I’ve made an emphasis on Faunus, originated as the analytic company and based in the Prague, as it has 9 year experience in the field and specializes in the financial matter of Bitcoin. To study up on the formation or promotional work of this leading affiliate, head to faunusaff.com.

CRAC - Crypto Affiliate Conference 2017

Event Open Questions

If you’re curious of the technical aspect or, maybe, the participant business point of views, look forward the next conference, because CRAC is going to come back. The same as you, I don’t get the whole point of crypto currency.

However, these guys happen to have a little more experience in the gambling field. Crypto Affiliate Meeting has been taken place at the Boscolo hotel, Prague. You could book the room instantly without fees, there were offered free WiFi and other options as attending fitness, meeting rooms and pool.

Event Schedule Overview

Is its Opening Party the most wanted news according to you? However, you shouldn’t have taken too much of hot drinks and fancy food on the preparty on the 30th of October, if you wanted to feel fresh at 9.30 the next day when the conference started. The long running event called every faculty of the researcher into play.

Even if you missed this conf, you can complete the training on the blockchain technology at the CRAC in the future, just keep abreast of the news on:

This was also a FREE opportunity for affiliates to find a totally fresh approach of making business.